The Man Behind JFK 35

The man behind this amazing collection is F. Nicholas Ciacelli.

Newspaper Article from 1966 featuring F. Nicholas Ciacelli and his family's trip to Washington DC and President Kennedy's grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

Newspaper Article from 1966 featuring F. Nicholas Ciacelli and his family’s trip to Washington DC and President Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

Nicholas was a young boy when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.   He’s spent most of his adult life tracking down and purchasing the thousands of pieces of history that make up the JFK35 exhibit.

F. Nicholas Ciacelli has spent nearly 50 years putting together his Kennedy collection.    He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s still looking for more items to add to the collection.

Even though the JFK 35 exhibit contains hundreds of items for viewing, Nicholas Ciacelli has thousands of items in his personal collection.    The JFK 35 exhibit can be made smaller or larger depending the size of the venue.




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  1. James Carras says:

    Mr. Ciacelli is passionate about his work and his service to others. It was a pleasure to meet him and to learn of the great story he continues to share today!

  2. Hi, Nick-

    It was so nice to meet your earlier today and get to know you. You
    have an awesome collection and well displayed here. Follow up with
    my friend sometime soon, and I’m sure she can assist you in your area
    of need.
    Bye for now and blessings always,

  3. Michael ONeill says:

    The collection is one that I would definitely like to see. It looks like Nick has some of the most rarest pieces of JFK memorabilia around. I have to comment on the web site. I found it very busy, fast moving and I was overwhelmed with the fast pace of the moving pieces. I found it hard to focus on some pieces of the website because things were moving to fast.

    Since President Kennedy draws such interest even with children and adults today I would suggest some reworking of the website, other then that my hat is off to Nick for offering all of us a look inside JFK!

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