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JFK 35 has many displays documentingthe life and times of John F. Kennedy.  Many of the items on display were actually owned and used by our 35th President.

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  1. Mike Bottiaux says:

    I just wanted to thank Nick for an amazing experience. His exhibit is one that should be viewed by anyone interested in the life of our 35th President.

  2. Todd Moyer says:

    Wow! This is truly a great collection, a fantastic tribute to a great leader. Your guests will be impressed. I would also like to add that Nicholas Ciacelli is a very dynamic curator and host. He will treat your guests right and most importantly leave them with lasting memories.

  3. Pasquale Patullo says:

    Amazing collection, agreed. Great to see a hobby turn into a blessing for all to enjoy. Looking forward to one day seeing your whole collection in person.

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